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Durable Welded Wire Mesh Panels and Woven Wire Screens

wire mesh panelsHoward Wire Cloth Company located in Hayward, CA is your #1 supplier wire cloth and wire mesh panels. We are a trusted name in manufacturing durable welded and welded wire mesh panels. We supply an extensive line of wire cloth that can be customized for your needs including woven wire mesh panels, custom wire mesh, and woven wire screens. Woven wire screens and wire mesh panels can add instant durability to any project or products.  Contact Howard Wire Cloth today at (844) 365-4905 to find out more about our in stock wire mesh panels and custom products.

Versatility of Woven Wire Screens and Wire Mesh Panels

Wire mesh, woven wire screens, and wire mesh panels can be custom made to fit the needs for both residential and industrial use. Much of the versatility of wire mesh relates to the fact that it can be manufactured in many different varieties that are either woven or welded to meet the unique needs of a business or homeowner. Howard Wire Cloth is able to fabricate wire mesh panels and wire screens in any size according to the specifications for industrial or residential use.

Residential Uses of Welded or Woven Wire Screens and Wire Mesh Panels


While most people do not immediately think of residential uses of wire mesh, there are many applications that can be realized upon further inspection of some of the most common household items.

  • Windows and screen doors are outfitted with wire mesh to keep insects and critters out without shutting out fresh air. High-quality, durable mesh can withstand the weather that it will be exposed to when it is used for windows and doors.
  • Fences can include a wire mesh component for a low-cost way to keep pests out of gardens without obstructing the view. 
  • Room dividers that are made of wire mesh panels can be used to create a clear distinction between spaces without the permanence of a wall.
  • Shelving units offer durable, waterproof storage for closets, garages and bathrooms.

Industrial Uses of Woven Wire Screens


Woven wire screens and welded wire screens are commonly used in industrial applications. Howard Wire Cloth can work with your company to meet your demand of woven wire screens for your project. We also offer many choices in coated wire mesh for industrial use to increase efficiency and durability. There are many different ways in which wire mesh can be used to facilitate in the manufacturing of products.

  • Test sieve clothes made of wire mesh are used to exclude materials and test samples.
  • Agricultural applications of wire mesh include feeding receptacles, stall separators and flooring for areas housing livestock.
  • Wire mesh may be used in detention centers to provide a secure area that is screened off for the safety of visitors and employees.
  • Guard screens in banks, ticket booths and other cash-handling areas provide safety for employees.
  • Wire mesh is used in the grills in vehicles, so it is common for automotive professionals to need a customized wire mesh for this application.

Making the most of the versatile applications of wire mesh is a matter of working with an experienced company that can fabricate mesh according to the specific order. Howard Wire Cloth ensures that the product sold to clients meets specifications to be successfully used for any project.

Wire Mesh Definitions and Terminology

welded wire mesh panels

Welded Wire Mesh Panels

In welded wire mesh panels, strands are laid out in a particular grid design. Then the junctions or intersections of those strands are spot welded together, and this leads to a high degree of durability and consistency for a screen or panel. It also results in the material being more rigid — the welded panels may be able to be rolled up or otherwise manipulated, but they're generally less flexible and more resistant to changes in surface contours.

Welded wire mesh panels are great for projects where the mesh is supposed to stay in place and not move. One example would be permanent fencing that is expected to remain on a flat, horizontal plane. Welded wire mesh panels can also be great for many industrial designs where the mesh is put in place for the purposes of filtration, and is not expected to be flexible or to move over time.

Woven Wire Mesh Panels

In woven wire mesh panel design, wires are woven together to create the mesh screen. Woven wire mesh panels are not welded, giving more flexibility and a looser build.

One of the most common uses for woven wire mesh panels is in filters or fencing that must be portable and flexible in the field. For example, some types of woven materials have the ability to be spread out over a space, or wrapped around posts or other fixtures. Because this type of material often has a high degree of flexibility, it is more portable and can be installed in small or irregular spaces.

Both of these types of screening can come in many shapes and sizes. Both can be extremely helpful in fencing systems, insect or animal barriers, certain types of filtration systems, and different kinds of room dividing setups.

woven wire mesh

Types of Woven Wire Screens and Wire Cloth

  • We manufacture a wide variety of woven wire screen and wire cloth products to meet your needs, including:
  • Calendered Wire Cloth—Heavy rollers are used to reduce fabric thickness or flatten the intersection to provide a smooth surface
  • Welded Wire Cloth—Warp & Shute wires lay flat (no crimp); welded at Intersections
  • Double Crimp—Wire pre-crimped prior to weaving; warp and shute wires lay in each crimp
  • Double Intermediate Crimp—Usually the warp wires lay in every crimp in the shute wires and the shute wires lay in every crimp in the warp wires
  • Intermediate Crimp—Warp and shute wires lay in every other crimp
  • Long Slot—Weave where shute wires are arranged in clusters to provide rectangular openings

Welded Wire Screens Terminology

  • Clear Opening or Space—Space between adjacent parallel wires
  • Opening or Space—Clear opening between adjacent parallel wires; not affected by diameter of the wire
  • Count or Mesh—Number of openings in a linear inch
  • Crimp—Corrugations in wires to permit locking into place when perpendicular to eachother
  • Gauge—Wire Size— To avoid possible errors, wire diameter specified in decimal sizes rather than gauge numbers
  •  Market Grades—Most commonly used sizes of industrial wire cloth specifications selected for general purpose work
  • Fill or Shute Wires—Wires running across the width of the cloth as woven

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