Hex Wire Netting

Chicken Wire Mesh Fencing CA & Hex Netting 

The Howard Wire Cloth Company can provide chicken wire mesh fencing in CA and many other kinds of woven or welded metal mesh designs. We provide many of the products most popular for fencing, acoustic and sound proofing materials, building designs and other uses. Ask us about our line of products that support excellent supply chains and offer many benefits for production companies.

One of our popular products consists of “hex wire netting” or chicken wire mesh used for fencing and other purposes. We have different types of hexagonal wire netting available in addition to items like perforated wire mesh and woven metal mesh.
Aperture Size
For hexagonal mesh, the aperture size is important. Depending on the use, customers may order a hexagonal aperture on the scale of one inch by half an inch, or for larger mesh designs like those used in public parks, or schools, aperture size may be up to several inches high by several inches wide.
Designing an aperture size has to do with the specific use. Animal control mesh, at least for smaller animals, typically has smaller apertures, where something like the backdrop of a baseball field or an access fence will have larger ones. It's all part of customized design for a variety of client projects.

There's also a wide spectrum in the flexibility or rigidity of hex wire netting designs. Many of the smaller aperture designs will be entirely flexible and easily rolled or expanded to fit a space. Some of the larger aperture designs, many of which may be made of thicker and harder wire, will be much more rigid and resistant to rolling.

Different types of chicken wire mesh fencing, and many of the larger types in general, will be coated with various materials. Some hot dipped galvanized wire or other products may stand up well to the elements without being coated, but other products will have things like polymer or vinyl coating applied in order to preserve the life of the material.
Ask the Howard Wire Cloth Company about the specific chicken wire mesh fencing in CA for designs that your company needs for production. Think about the volume and build of the hex wire in order to get the right results. We work with companies to create exactly what's needed for project. With our excellent customer service and attention to detail, we are a popular source for supply chain materials that feature woven or welded wire designs.
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